Ask a C.A – Questionner le C.A.

Ask a C.A. Agreement

With the upcoming tax season looming, we are pleased to provide you with the opportunity to consult us on any tax matters.

Please read and understand this agreement prior to submitting any questions. You will be required to accept or reject this agreement. You are deemed to accept the agreement upon the actual submission of the question. The price will be sent to you and you will be required to arrange payment prior to answering the question.

Inquiries must be specific.

  • If your question is related to taxes, understand that you are ultimately responsible for accurately completing your income tax return.
  • You agree not to hold our firm responsible for government tax audits or deficiency notices arising directly or indirectly from a response to your question.
  • After answering your question, payment is nonrefundable. You also agree not to dispute billing charges after answering your question.
  • We have the right to refuse any question submitted.
  • We have the right to post the question and answer on this site.

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